In life we are calling bullshit on it and not just enjoyed the best we have are the friends, parents, in order .... !
We must seize every second, every minute as if it were the last of our lives, so when you get it in front and not regret it, so make every second of every moment of your life the most memorable of all!
And never forget to tell that person how special she is for you!
Gradually I realized that fall is inevitable, and that best
tokens of love are the simplest. One day we realize that not common in
attracts, and to be classified as nice is not good. One day we realized that the
person who ever call is the most thinks of you. One day we will know the
importance of the phrase: "You become responsible forever for what
captivating. "One day we realized that we are very important to someone, and
do not we appreciate it! What real man is not someone who has a thousand
women, but that he can make one happy woman! Anyway ... one day
found that despite living almost a century, this time is not
enough to carry all our dreams, to kiss all the
mouths that attract us to say anything that has to be said. The way is: or
conform with the lack of some things in our life or fight to
perform all of our craziness!


 Um amor verdadeiro supera qualquer dificuldade, e não acaba por qualquer besteira.